Our Services

No-Hassle Pest Control

The capable and professional staff at Hunter Pest Control are ready to either help you regain control of your property or continue to keep those unwanted pests out.

Our friendly, personable staff will provide top notch service no matter in which of our service areas you live. Give us a call today or click on our Service Area nearest you, and schedule an appointment. Our local branch office will set up an appointment that works with your schedule.

No Contract Necessary

Our services are available without a contract. You call when you need us, and we’ll be there.

Residential Services

Our team is ready to address the specific concerns you have at your home. We have services specific to your area, and the pests in your area.

Commercial Services

Have us out for a site-visit and estimate to see how we can properly provide pest prevention and control to your business.

Specialty Services

We offer the following removal, prevention, and inspection services at all of our branches: WDIIR (Termite inspections for real estate transactions), Weeds, Pigeons, Bees, Rats, and other Wildlife.

Termite Services

We have termite services for your home or business. Call now for a site-visit and quote so we can help take care of your Termite problem.

demand CS pesticides

We utilize pesticides that will protect your property for 60 days. That’s twice as long as most pest prevention and control pesticides.